After School Program

Awarded Best After School Program by numerous publications, our program sells out every year. If your age group is sold out, we can add you to our waiting list.

The After School Program is an annual commitment of $3250 plus annual registration fee with installment payments processed monthly if not paying in full up front. This program offers a well rounded curriculum in performing arts classes at a deeply discounted price over our standard rate.

Enrollment is limited by age group and available space on our After-School Buses (if transportation is requested).



Dedicated Quiet Space


The After School Room provides a dedicated area for our students to complete homework or eat a snack. This space is a quiet zone to allow students to concentrate on completing homework when needed.

Parents go to the After School Room entrance to sign-out students during pick-up. The safety and security of our students is of the highest priority at Broadway Kids Studio. We only dismiss students when a BKS issued dismissal card for that student is provided at checkout. A government issued ID is required in cases where a dismissal card is lost.

Structured Class Offering


A diverse set of performing arts classes are included in our program. We offer the largest variety of performing arts classes anywhere. Everything from jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, musical theater, choir, acting 101, TV & Commercials and more!

We realize each student has unique needs so you can choose which classes to enroll or pass. When a student is not taking a class, they are free to complete homework, read, or eat a snack in our designated After School Room.

The After School Program is significantly discounted from the standard class rate. Even if a student only takes one class a day, the savings over the standard class rate are significant.

Take To The Stage


After School Program participants get the added benefit of built in performance opportunities to showcase all the skills they are learning in their classes. Students taking choir classes  perform in the holiday show.

Students taking musical theater classes perform a musical they work on all year. Previous shows have included The Lion King KIDS, 101 Dalmatians KIDS, The Artistocats KIDS, and more.

Students taking dance classes perform at our grandest production of the year, our Annual Showcase!